Brad Teel started in the travel business in Corvallis in 1971 and together with his wife, Alicia they launched Teel's Travel Planners in October of 1982 as a full service travel agency serving  the local community. The business thrived, grew and met the many challenges that were presented to the changing travel industry, a testament to the high standards, hard work, care and enthusiasm Brad and Alicia gave to their enterprise and the people they worked with. Brad cared, and that showed on a daily basis, with every interaction and effort he made.

In December, 2016 the staff of Teel's Travel Planners joined the Julie's Travel Desk team. Julie's Travel Desk has worked closely with Brad and Alicia and is honored to be able to continue their legacy and strives to offer the same high standard of service to the Corvallis Community.


Corvallis Staff Members

Wence "Venka" Kvam

Wence "Venka" Kvam

Wence "Venka" Kvam

I was born in Norway and traveled extensively in Europe prior to entering the travel business. I started in the travel business in 1972 working on board a cruise ship as a stewardess.  My favorite vacations are by ship traveling to various destinations offering experiences rich in culture, beautiful scenery and warm weather. I became a travel agent 30 years ago and joined Teel's Travel Planners in 1985.  I have two main focuses, the first being cruises, including small exploration and river ships.

 My second love is arranging tours around Europe and both of the America's.

When I am off work I enjoy gardening, riding my Arabian horses and walking my Collie's.